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Meet Dr Kathryn Handicott (Dentist)

Dr Kathryn Handicott

“My family have always been in healthcare, including a doctor, pharmacists, nurse and midwife, so a dentist was needed to complete the set!” Dr Kathryn has always been interested in dentistry since a young age, having been a patient herself with orthodontics. Her passion only grew when completing work experience roles and starting her training.

She also finds that dentistry is the perfect blend of practical work with important, sometimes life-changing, outcomes that allows her to meet and interact with people all day, every day. “No two teeth, mouths or patients are the same, so it’s challenging, exciting and rewarding, day in, day out.”

Education & Professional Development

Dr Kathryn earned a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) awarded by Cardiff University (UK) in 2011 with First Class Honours. She is also a Member of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Glasgow).

To stay abreast of the latest in the field, Dr Kathryn regularly attends ADA WA courses locally in Perth and completes hundreds of hours of online PD content a year. She has also travelled internationally for PD, including conferences in Malaysia and the UK.

In 2017, Dr Kathryn completed a dental implants course to extend her scope of practice.

Finding Fulfillment Helping Patients

For Dr Kathryn, it’s rewarding to build relationships with patients and their families that grow and evolve over the years. She considers it a privilege to be entrusted with patient care, and when she delivers the result and outcome desired, it is like no other feeling.


Enjoying an Active Family Life

Outside the practice, Dr Kathryn enjoys a busy life with her husband, their young daughter, and dog, Hudson the Westie (his Insta handle is @thewestiehudson to follow their adventures). She and her family often are outside, exploring the beautiful weather and environment Perth has to offer. Dr Kathryn also considers herself sport-mad. She has played cricket to an international standard and taken to AFL like a native-born Australian!

Interesting fact: Dr Kathryn worked in an office during the COVID-19 dental shutdown and fell in love with dentistry again in 2020.

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