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Custom Mouthguards in Shenton Park

Holding a mouthguard

Protect Your Smile

Choose to protect your teeth with our custom-made mouthguards in Shenton Park, designed for comfort and optimal defence against mouth injuries.

Tailored Protection for Every Smile

Dental injuries from sports or nighttime grinding can lead to painful and costly damage. Without proper protection, your oral health is at risk. These injuries can result in chipped, fractured, or misaligned teeth. It can also result in long-term conditions like temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

At Shenton Park Village Dental, we understand the importance of protecting your smile. Whether you’re an athlete or someone who grinds their teeth at night, our mouthguards are tailored to fit your unique dental structure for optimal protection.

Safeguarding Smiles

If you value comfort, mouth protection, and a precise fit, discover the incredible advantages of custom mouthguards tailored to your unique smile.

Enhancing Dental Safety with Custom-Fit Mouthguards

  • Optimal fit and comfort – Custom-made mouthguards provide a snug fit, enhancing comfort. They are tailored to the unique contours of your teeth and gums.
  • Protection for teeth – Our sports mouthguards in Shenton Park are designed to shield your teeth and prevent damage or tooth loss during high-impact activities.
  • Maintenance of aesthetic appearance – Preserve the aesthetic appearance of your smile with custom mouthguards, which help protect your winning smile from dental trauma.

Personalised Protection for All Ages

Custom mouthguards are essential for those engaging in sports or experiencing teeth grinding to protect their teeth from damage.

  • Active sport participants – Athletes and recreational players benefit from custom mouthguards for injury prevention.
  • Nighttime teeth grinders – Individuals with bruxism can find relief and protection from tooth damage with custom-fitted mouthguards.
  • Children and adolescentsKids and adolescents with growing teeth receive tailored protection from custom mouthguards during physical activities and sports, offering comfort and safety for their developing smiles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our comprehensive guide to common questions about custom-fitted mouthguards, providing clarity and insight for essential dental protection.

How does a custom mouthguard differ from over-the-counter mouthguards?

Our custom mouthguards in Shenton Park are specifically designed to fit an individual’s unique dental structure. Unlike over-the-counter mouthguards, which are one-size-fits-all, they offer a more precise fit, better protection, and comfort. They are tailored to the exact contours of your teeth, minimising the risk of teeth injuries.

Are custom mouthguards suitable for both children and adults?

Our custom-fit mouthguards in Shenton Park are suitable for both children and adults. They can be specifically designed to fit the unique dental structure of any individual, providing optimal protection for teeth regardless of age.

What is the process for getting a custom mouthguard?

The process of getting custom-fit mouthguards in Shenton Park involves an initial consultation and dental examination. Impressions of the teeth are taken, and a custom mouthguard is designed based on these impressions. The resulting product offers a precise fit, thereby reducing the risk of injuries to teeth.

What materials are used to create custom mouthguards, and are they safe?

Our custom mouthguards in Shenton Park are made from high-quality, medical-grade thermoplastic material. These materials are tested for safety and are designed to provide maximum protection for your teeth without causing any harm.

How long does it take to receive a custom mouthguard after the impressions are taken?

Our sports mouthguards in Shenton Park can be ready within a week or two after the impressions are taken. The exact time may vary depending on specific requirements and the dental laboratory’s schedule.

Can I use my custom mouthguard for sports other than contact sports, like gymnastics or skateboarding?

Yes, our custom-fit mouthguards in Shenton Park are suitable for various sports, including non-contact sports like gymnastics or skateboarding. They are designed to protect the teeth from potential injuries, regardless of the type of sport.

Custom mouthguards are essential even for non-contact sports because these activities still carry a risk of accidental falls or collisions. While the immediate focus might not be on physical contact with opponents, the nature of sports like gymnastics involves complex movements, flips, and twists that could lead to unexpected impacts.

Similarly, in skateboarding, sudden tumbles or unexpected encounters with obstacles could result in oral injuries. Therefore, having a custom mouthguard offers a personalised and snug fit that helps cushion impacts, absorb shock, and distribute forces evenly, safeguarding the teeth, gums, and soft tissues.

By wearing a custom mouthguard, athletes engaging in non-contact sports can protect their mouth and overall well-being throughout their activities.

How often should I replace my custom mouthguard, and how do I care for it?

Custom mouthguards should be replaced as they wear down, or at least every sports season. Care includes rinsing after use, occasional cleaning with mild soap, and storing in a protective case. Regular inspections by dental professionals will help determine when a replacement is needed.

Can I wear a custom mouthguard with my braces?

Sports mouthguards in Shenton Park fit the unique contours of your teeth and braces, providing protection not only for the teeth but also for the braces themselves. Wearing a mouthguard can prevent damage to the brackets and wires, as well as protect the soft tissues of your mouth from cuts and abrasions.

It’s recommended for individuals with braces who are involved in sports or other physical activities where there’s a risk of injury to the mouth.



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