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Shenton Park Village Dental Community Involvement

Children in classroomShenton Park Village Dental is committed to community engagement for a healthier, more connected Shenton Park. Together, we create smiles that resonate with unity and trust for a brighter, more harmonious future.

Beyond the Clinic: Our Passion for Community Care

We stand as a beacon of community involvement. Our passion isn’t just about dental care but also nurturing bonds with every resident. Allocating 5% of our yearly profits to outreach programs, we pride ourselves on being more than a clinic–we’re a community pillar.

Experience the warmth of a clinic that values community ties. Book your appointment today and join our family of satisfied patients.

From Idea to Impact

Expanding On Our Community Role

From conception to realisation, Shenton Park Village Dental has consistently championed initiatives that amplify our role and contribution within the community.

Eco-Friendly Oral Care for Children

Balancing dental well-being with a commitment to the environment and the community, we offer children specially curated, eco-friendly oral care packs. These kits promote optimal oral hygiene and highlight our shared responsibility to the planet and the community.

In our role as eco-dentists, we passionately champion waste minimisation and encourage the use of compostable techniques. Our vision is clear: a sustainable future marked by radiant, eco-conscious smiles. Together, we’re crafting a brighter, greener smile.

Dental Health Education in Schools

As part of our commitment to the community and to promoting oral health, we provide oral health instruction in schools. We have already launched comprehensive oral health education programs at UWA Early Learning Centre and Rosalie Primary School. These initiatives educate young students about proper oral care techniques and the benefits of healthy snacks and drinks and set positive expectations for dental appointments.

To reinforce our lessons, every child is gifted a toothbrush pack to continue good oral practices at home. Moreover, the unique addition of a plantable seed pencil in each pack nurtures their understanding of sustainability.

dentists in classroom
group of kids

Meaningful Oral Health Program in Borneo

On Christmas 2022, we held an oral health initiative at the Terrayung Village Preschool in Borneo. Our mission was centred on imparting oral health education, including the importance of proper oral health, introducing sustainable oral care products, and celebrating the village’s rich cultural heritage.

Dr. Ash emphasised, “We wanted to increase awareness of the importance of good oral health and share basic care steps for good dental health among the local communities at Terayung Village.”

Dr Ash demonstrating an oral health check
Visiting Terrayung Village Preschool
classroom of children

Nuturing Brighter Smiles in Indonesia

In April 2023, we ventured to Worawaru village in Sumba, engaging 30 children about oral hygiene, toothbrushing techniques, and the importance of preserving their traditional diets and lifestyles. All while emphasising sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Dr. Ash personally examined ten children’s teeth and established the Shenton Park Village Dental Trust, recognising the need for care. This facilitates transport and treatment at a local dental clinic, focusing on involving locally trained dental professionals and thereby helping strengthen the local economy.

demonstrating oral care
cleaning child's teeth

Want to Learn More?

For more information about our community involvement, contact us today. Shenton Park Village Dental will always remain steadfastly committed to serving others in need, whether in our community or around the globe!


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