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Wisdom Teeth Removal in Shenton Park

Your Path to Comfort

Holding extracted toothExperience relief and comfort from wisdom teeth pain. Our dedicated team strives to provide a smooth oral health transformation, minimising discomfort during the process.

Discover Relief

The emergence of wisdom teeth can often be a distressing experience, leading to severe tooth pain, infection, and misalignment of neighbouring teeth. These issues are more than mere inconveniences; they disrupt daily life and create urgent dental emergency situations.

Seeking professional care is essential to addressing these challenges for immediate relief and a long-term option for your oral health. Shenton Park Village Dental offers gentle wisdom tooth removal, utilising effective surgical procedures and pain medication to manage discomfort and foster a smooth recovery.

Embrace Comfort

Discover the transformative impact of wisdom teeth removal aligned with Shenton Park Village Dental’s commitment to patient-centric care.

  • Improved alignment of teeth – Enhances alignment of neighbouring teeth, avoiding problems like fractured or broken teeth
  • Alleviates pain and discomfort – Address severe tooth pain with our effective wisdom tooth removal procedures.
  • Reduced risk of infection – Wisdom tooth extraction can reduce the risk of infection, contributing to your overall oral health and comfort.

Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Right for You?

Determining if wisdom teeth removal is the right option requires thoughtful evaluation and consideration of individual circumstances.

  • People experiencing severe pain – Patients enduring constant severe tooth pain may find wisdom teeth removal a necessary and beneficial procedure to alleviate discomfort.
  • Evidence of infection – Infection near or around a wisdom tooth is a clear indicator that professional dental intervention may be required for treatment.
  • Crowding or misalignment – Wisdom teeth that cause crowding or misalignment with neighbouring teeth often require removal to prevent long-term dental complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Considering wisdom teeth removal and have questions? We’ve gathered the most common queries and answered them clearly to guide you through the process.

Why do wisdom teeth need to be removed?

Wisdom teeth removal in Shenton Park is a common dental procedure. It is often recommended for various reasons:

Impacted Wisdom Tooth: Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last adult teeth to emerge and often lack the necessary space to grow properly. An impacted wisdom tooth can become trapped beneath the gum or only partially emerge, leading to potential infection or other dental complications.
Risk of Infection: Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth can create pockets where bacteria can grow, leading to infection. This might require a dental emergency if not addressed promptly.
Alignment Issues with Adult Teeth: Emerging wisdom teeth can exert pressure on neighbouring teeth, leading to misalignment of adult teeth and creating difficulties in maintaining proper oral hygiene.
Gum Disease Risk: The location and potential misalignment of wisdom teeth can make cleaning difficult, leading to a higher risk of gum disease in the surrounding tissues.
Pain and Discomfort: Wisdom teeth can cause significant discomfort, particularly if they are impacted or growing at an angle. Removal can provide immediate relief from this pain.
Preventative Measure: Sometimes, wisdom tooth removal is recommended as a preventative measure, especially if X-rays or examinations show potential future problems.
Surgical Procedures: A wisdom tooth extraction in Shenton Park is often performed as a surgical procedure, particularly when the tooth is impacted or has a complex root structure.
Prevention of Associated Problems: A wisdom tooth extraction in Shenton Park can prevent problems associated with impacted wisdom teeth, such as cysts, tumours, and persistent infections.

How do I know if my wisdom teeth need to be extracted?

Determining the need for wisdom tooth extraction in Shenton Park often starts with recognising certain signs and symptoms. If you experience severe tooth pain near the back of your jaw, this might indicate an issue with a wisdom tooth. Signs of infection, such as swelling or redness in the gums, may also be indicative of a problem.

Tooth misalignment of adjacent teeth can occur when a wisdom tooth exerts pressure, causing the surrounding teeth to shift. This can lead to issues with bite alignment and overall oral health. Additionally, aggressive gum disease in the area around the wisdom tooth might signify that the tooth is hard to clean and may need to be removed. An extraction can also manage issues with tooth crowding.

Lastly, tooth impaction–when a wisdom tooth is trapped beneath the gum or only partially emerges–is often cited as a reason for wisdom tooth extraction in Shenton Park, as it can prevent further complications.

Is wisdom teeth removal a painful procedure?

Wisdom tooth surgery is a procedure to remove one or more wisdom teeth, commonly performed by experienced dentists. Patients often have concerns about the discomfort or pain associated with the surgery.

Wisdom tooth surgery is generally performed under local anaesthesia, sedation services, or general anaesthesia, depending on the complexity of the extraction and patient preferences. During the procedure, patients should not feel pain. After surgery, some swelling, discomfort, or mild pain is normal as the anaesthesia wears off. This can be managed effectively with over-the-counter or prescription pain medication.

Patients receive specific instructions on medication and aftercare from their dental professional. Open communication with the dental care provider about any concerns or anxieties helps make the procedure as comfortable as possible for the patient.

How long does it take to recover after wisdom teeth removal?

Recovery from wisdom teeth extraction is a process that varies for each individual, depending on several factors like the complexity of the extraction, the individual’s overall health, and how closely they follow their dentist’s aftercare instructions. Here’s a concise summary of the recovery process after wisdom teeth extraction in Shenton Park:

  • First 24 Hours: Expect swelling, discomfort, and possibly bleeding. Cold compresses and pain relief can be helpful.
  • 2-3 Days: Symptoms peak and then start to diminish.
  • 1 Week: Most individuals return to normal activities and diets.
  • 2 Weeks: Surface wound usually heals.
  • Up to 6 Months: Complete healing of the jawbone.

Factors such as age, the complexity of the extraction, and adherence to oral hygiene instructions can affect recovery time.

Are there any potential complications or risks associated with wisdom teeth removal?

Similar to other dental procedures, there are potential risks associated with wisdom teeth removal in Shenton Park. Though these are relatively rare and can often be mitigated with proper care, they must be considered and discussed with a dental professional prior to the procedure.

Dry Socket: This painful condition occurs when the blood clot that forms to protect the extraction site is dislodged. It can delay the healing process and usually requires professional treatment.

Infection: Though rare, infections can occur if bacteria enter the extraction site. Proper oral hygiene and following aftercare instructions can significantly reduce this risk.

Nerve Damage: In some cases, nerves near the extraction site may be injured, leading to temporary or, rarely, long-term numbness or tingling in the tongue, lips, or chin.

Damage to Adjacent Teeth: There may be a risk of injury to nearby teeth or dental work, such as crowns or fillings.

Prolonged Bleeding or Swelling: Some individuals may experience bleeding or swelling beyond the usual recovery period, requiring additional medical attention.

Jaw Issues: Rarely, jaw opening and movement complications may arise due to muscle or joint inflammation.

Sinus Issues: There may be a risk of sinus complications or damage from the removal of upper wisdom teeth close to the sinuses.

Are there any dietary restrictions or special care instructions to follow after the extraction?

Following wisdom teeth removal in Shenton Park, both dietary considerations and special care play a crucial role in recovery. In the initial 24 hours, a diet of soft foods such as mashed potatoes, yoghurt, and smoothies is recommended while avoiding hot, spicy, hard, and crunchy foods that may irritate or become lodged in the wound. Gradually, solid foods can be reintroduced over the first week, but alcohol, caffeine, and the use of straws should continue to be avoided.

Special care instructions include gentle oral hygiene practices, avoiding smoking and tobacco, getting proper rest with the head elevated during sleep, following prescribed medication instructions, and monitoring for complications.

What is the cost of a wisdom tooth removal procedure?

The cost of wisdom teeth removal in Shenton Park varies, generally ranging from $200 to $300 per tooth for a simple extraction. Surgical extraction may cost more, depending on the complexity of the procedure and other factors.

The cost can be influenced by several factors, including the complexity of the procedure, the choice of anaesthesia, the dental professional’s experience, location and facility, health fund cover, post-operative care, and the number of teeth being extracted. Additionally, costs related to an initial consultation and diagnostic procedures like X-rays may add to the overall expense.

It’s recommended to consult with a local Shenton Park Village Dental dental professional who can provide a detailed assessment and a clear breakdown of wisdom teeth removal costs in Shenton Park.

Is wisdom teeth removal covered by health funds?

Private health funds may partially cover wisdom teeth removal costs in Shenton Park if the individual’s policy includes major dental services. The exact amount of cover varies depending on factors such as the policy, the level of cover, and the dental professional performing the procedure. Some policies may also have waiting periods or limitations that affect the cover for this procedure.

It’s recommended that individuals consult with their health fund directly to confirm details like the extent of cover, waiting periods, and preferred providers. Understanding these specifics can assist in planning and managing the costs of wisdom teeth removal effectively.



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