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Veneers in Shenton Park

Enhance Your Smile

man in dental chairDiscover radiant smiles with custom veneers in Shenton Park. Transform imperfections into a natural-looking, beautiful smile. Affordable, quality choices await.

Dental Veneers Uncovered

Dental issues such as gaps between teeth, cracks in teeth, and uneven teeth can significantly affect your confidence and overall appearance. These problems might seem insurmountable, leading to frustration and dissatisfaction with your smile.

Veneers are thin, custom-made coverings that adhere to the front surface of teeth, enhancing their appearance. Shenton Park Village Dental provides these high-quality dental veneers, allowing each patient to achieve a natural-looking smile makeover tailored to their needs and preferences.

Beautiful Smiles Enhance Confidence

Shenton Park Village Dental offers tailored dental veneers in Shenton Park to meet individual smiles, making us your go-to clinic for veneers.

  • Personalised Care for the Whole Family – Our dental veneer options are designed with the entire family in mind, offering custom porcelain veneers that achieve a natural appearance for suitable members.
  • Experienced and Caring Dental Professionals – Our team at Shenton Park Village Dental skillfully crafts dental veneers to align with your unique treatment goals for professional teeth enhancements.
  • State-of-the-Art Eco-Dentistry – We value sustainability and employ modern, eco-friendly practices in our dental services, including teeth veneers in Shenton Park, reflecting quality care.
  • Community Involvement and Support – Shenton Park Village Dental is more than a choice for veneers. We are an integral part of the community, actively engaged in local support.

Unmask Your Potential

Embrace the confidence that comes with dental veneers in Shenton Park, enhancing your smile and the health of your teeth.

  • A fresh facelift for teeth – Dental veneers in Shenton Park enhance natural beauty, providing a fresh appearance while preserving your teeth’s original integrity.
  • Mask common dental imperfections – Teeth veneers in Shenton Park seamlessly camouflage discolouration and minor gaps, delivering a beautiful smile with graceful confidence.
  • Maintain oral health with style – Dental veneers in Shenton Park elevate the aesthetics of your smile and offer a protective shield for your natural teeth. This layer can guard against potential damage.

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Discover if Your Smile Qualified for Enhancement

A brilliant smile might be within reach with teeth veneers in Shenton Park. Let’s explore who makes an ideal candidate.

  • Healthy gums and teeth – Dental veneers in Shenton Park require healthy gums and teeth, free from decay, as a foundation for proper fitting.
  • Adequate tooth enamel – For teeth veneers in Shenton Park, a sufficient amount of enamel must exist on the teeth to support the bonding process.
  • Commitment to oral care – The success of veneers is influenced by ongoing oral care commitment and maintaining hygiene to retain appearance and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the frequently asked questions about dental veneers in Shenton Park, broadening your understanding and guiding your dental choices.

How can veneers improve my smile?
Veneers are a great way to revitalise your smile, transforming the appearance of your teeth to create a more beautiful and natural-looking result. Essentially, veneers are thin porcelain shells bonded to the teeth’s front surface, effectively covering imperfections such as stains, chips, or misalignments.

At Shenton Park Village Dental, our veneers are meticulously designed to match your dental needs, offering aesthetic and functional benefits.

Beautiful smile: Whether you have misaligned, mismatched, or discoloured teeth, veneers in Shenton Park can cover these imperfections, providing you with a confident and flawless smile.
Whiter teeth: Dental veneers can be chosen in the shade that suits your appearance, offering you the chance to have whiter teeth and a vibrant smile.

Our experienced dentists will develop a personalised care plan to understand your goals and craft veneers that blend seamlessly with your adjacent teeth.

What dental issues can veneers address?

Veneers in Shenton Park can address a broad range of dental concerns. Here are some examples:

Worn or chipped teeth: Dental veneers can restore worn, chipped, or broken teeth, preserving the overall integrity of your entire tooth.
Discoloured teeth: Teeth that are stained or discoloured can be covered with veneers to create a uniform and attractive appearance.
Mismatched teeth: Veneers can address uneven or mismatched teeth, providing a balanced look that complements your overall facial aesthetics.
Minor alignment issues: Dental veneers can mask minor alignment issues by providing a uniformly shaped and positioned front surface to the teeth, creating the appearance of a straighter smile.

How long do veneers typically last?

Veneers can last for a substantial period, but their longevity depends on several factors, including the type of material used and your dental care routine:

Porcelain veneers: Known for their strength and resilience, porcelain veneers in Shenton Park can last 10 to 15 years or more with proper care.
Composite veneers: These veneers, although durable, may last slightly less, usually around 5 to 10 years.

Routine dental check-ups and exceptional care can extend your veneers’ life, keeping them fresh and vibrant.

How much do veneers cost?

Investing in dental veneers is an important decision, and the cost varies based on the type of veneer and the number of teeth requiring treatment.

Porcelain veneers: A high-quality material, porcelain veneers average $2,036 per tooth in Shenton Park.
Composite veneers: A more affordable option, composite veneers start at $836 per tooth in Shenton Park.

Our knowledgeable and professional team at Shenton Park Village Dental will help you understand all the cost aspects and offer a care plan that aligns with your needs and budget.

Will getting veneers hurt?
Getting dental veneers in Shenton Park is usually carried out with great care and attention to patient comfort. Here’s what you might expect:

Preparation stage: Your experienced dentist will prepare the tooth by removing a small amount of enamel. This might cause some sensitivity, but a local anaesthetic can be used to minimise any discomfort.
Application stage: The application of veneers is generally painless. Any sensitivity after the procedure is usually short-lived and can be managed with over-the-counter pain relief.
Patient care: Our professional team is committed to making the entire process as comfortable as possible by providing effective care tailored to your needs.

What is the procedure for getting dental veneers?

Getting dental veneers at Shenton Park Village Dental involves a few key steps:

Consultation: The qualified dentists will discuss your goals and evaluate your teeth to determine if veneers are suitable for you.
Tooth preparation: A small amount of enamel is removed from the tooth’s surface to allow space for the veneer. An impression is then taken.
Veneer creation: The veneer, whether porcelain or composite, is crafted to match the shape, size, and colour of your adjacent teeth. Porcelain veneers require about two to three weeks for fabrication in a dental lab, whereas composite veneers can often be sculpted directly on the tooth in a single appointment.
Application: The veneer is cemented onto the tooth, with adjustments made as necessary to achieve a proper fit.
Follow-up: Regular dental check-ups are recommended to monitor the veneers and maintain your beautiful smile.

Can I still get veneers if I have cavities or gum disease?

Before placing veneers, any underlying dental issues, such as cavities or gum disease, must be addressed:

Cavities: Any cavities need to be addressed before the placement of veneers to make certain the entire tooth is healthy. A healthy tooth foundation is crucial because veneers rely on the underlying tooth structure for support and longevity.
Gum disease: If gum disease is present, it must be managed and controlled before moving forward with veneers. This is because unmanaged gum disease can compromise the health and stability of the teeth and surrounding tissues, potentially leading to veneer failure or further dental complications.

Our Shenton Park Village Dental team will create a personalised plan to manage these issues first, setting the stage for veneer placement.

Are veneers reversible? Can they be removed if needed?

Veneers are generally considered a long-term dental treatment. Here’s what you need to know:

Porcelain veneers: Since a portion of the tooth enamel is removed to accommodate the veneer, porcelain veneers are not reversible. If removed, the tooth would need protection, often requiring a new veneer or a dental crown to safeguard its structure and appearance.
Composite veneers: In some cases, composite veneers can be removed with less impact on the tooth structure. However, it is a decision made in collaboration with experienced dentists.

It’s essential to discuss your goals and any concerns with your dentist at Shenton Park Village Dental to understand the most appropriate approach for your specific situation.


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