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Get a Gleaming Bright Smile With In-Chair Teeth Whitening

Man checking gums in mirrorIt’s been said that a beautiful smile is the best accessory anyone can possess. Naturally, we agree. One of the best ways to achieve a stunning smile is through teeth whitening. Unfortunately, many people turn to dangerous Internet-bought home whitening kits, and others brighten their teeth with a beautician.

Are You Putting Your Pearly Whites in Peril?

While it may be tempting to whiten your smile at home or at a beauty salon, there are several risks involved that can put your pearly whites in danger:

Gum Discomfort – Certain at-home teeth bleaching solutions contain peroxide, which can cause gum irritation. Additionally, some UV-based home brightening kits may harm the soft tissues in your mouth. As dental professionals do not administer these products, there’s a higher chance of application errors, resulting in bleaching agents touching the gums. A woman’s gums were ‘seriously burned’ following a botched teeth whitening procedure at a beauty salon, see the article here »

Erosion of Tooth Enamel – The outer layer of your teeth, known as enamel, is a hard shell that guards against decay and toothaches. Despite enamel’s toughness, frequent use of at-home teeth brightening products can wear it down, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Many individuals tend to overuse these products due to their less noticeable results compared to professional treatments, leading to more extensive enamel damage.

Heightened Tooth Sensitivity – Some whitening products can increase the permeability of your tooth enamel, exposing the dentin—the layer separating the enamel from the nerve-filled core of the tooth. Exposure of dentin can make your teeth sensitive to temperature variations, causing discomfort or pain. As enamel wears away, teeth become increasingly sensitive.

Inconsistent Results – This issue might not directly impact your oral health, but certainly undermines the purpose of teeth whitening. If whitening occurs unevenly, your teeth may have bright spots alongside stained areas, making discolouration more noticeable. Not a good look! At-home teeth brightening methods are more likely to cause such inconsistencies, primarily because they often fail to reach between the teeth or fit properly.

Founder of The Quick Flick, influencer @irissmit @thequickflick is doing a TikTok video at our practice about the risks of home teeth brightening and why it’s best to go with the pros.

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Safeguard Your Smile With Professional Whitening

Dentist Dr Ash at Shenton Park Village Dental uses strict protocols for optimum safety and health of the teeth and gums, including careful gum barrier techniques, dentist prescribed whitening concentrations, and full treatment supervision.

Take Advantage of Our Special:
Just $599!

At Shenton Park Village Dental, we’re offering in-chair teeth whitening for just $599*. That includes a post treatment complimentary customised take home whitening kit.

Take that first step towards a gleaming smile by calling Shenton Park Village Dental today to book an appointment!


*T&Cs Apply. Limited time offer. Not all patients are candidates for teeth whitening. Checkup and clean recommended prior to whitening for best results.

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.

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